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Film, TV and the Arts

Friday, 4 May 2012

Trailerwatch: New Amazing Spider-Man Trailer

There’s a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, the Spider-Man reboot which stars Andrew Garfield, due to be released on 3rd July in the US, and the 4th July in the UK.

In it, we see Garfield’s Peter Parker as a moodier, more contemplative prospect than Tobey Maguire’s version. There’s a little more of the mystery over Parker’s parents. It also contains plenty of Rhys Ifans, which is marvellous.

Oh, and we see more of the Lizard, more of the all-swinging Spidey, a good gag, and what looks like the most astonishing set-piece prospect of the summer.

It has to be said that the proximity of this reboot to the Sam Raimi trilogy, the first of which was released ten years ago, has raised many concerns. Well, by the looks of things, the ghost of Maguire has been fully exorcised, largely by being completely ignored. I like the originals – they’re fun and exciting - but this looks like a really intriguing, darker prospect. Furthermore, it should make Andrew Garfield into the international star he deserves to be.

You can watch the trailer here

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